World Cup triumph builds Australia’s confidence in Ashes, says Pat Cummins

Australia will gain confidence from their T20 World Cup victory in the upcoming Ashes series with the “buzzing” squad, said Pat Cummins.

ummins, named Australia’s 15-man vice-captain for the first two tests, said victory was a “perfect way to start the summer” and a break from redball cricket would prove to be an advantage rather than an obstacle.

Australia won their first T20 World Cup with an eight-wicket victory over New Zealand, and Cummins and his team are now preparing to face England in the Ashes from Gabba on December 8.

Speaking from his 40s at the hotel, the 28-year-old said: “Absolutely, I think we will gain confidence in that.

“It’s a different format, but you’ve seen someone like tournament player David Warner who is going to (give him) enormous confidence in this early summer.

“As a team and as an Aussie team I think we probably all feel like we have underperformed a little bit in recent years, we haven’t won as many games as we probably would expect. ‘an Australian team. “

But “winning a title on the world stage” will change that, he said.

“It can be decisive for a team, everyone is absolutely buzzing, really excited for the future.

“We’ve got seven or eight from this last tour here together ready for The Ashes. It was a huge win and a perfect way to start the summer.

Australia haven’t played the cricket test since hosting India earlier this year, but Cummins has said the switch to long form play will be more than manageable.

“I think the first obvious benefit of short spells is that we feel really fresh,” said Cummins, who led the wicket leaders in the Ashes’ 4-0 home win in Australia in 2017-18, with 23.

“I always feel like it’s better to be underestimated than overdone when going into a great series of tests.

“I had about five or six months of preseason where I bowled and trained, but without games it gave me the chance to focus on a few different things.

“So my body is feeling as good as it has been in a few years, no worries.”

Brisbane will host the opening of the series, before a day / night test in Adelaide and the Boxing Day test in Melbourne.

The teams will travel to Sydney over the New Year, but a question mark remains at the site of the fifth test with severe border restrictions in Western Australia and the future host city of Perth.

Tasmanian politicians have been pushing for Hobart to be considered a venue for the Finals, and Cummins was asked whether players would want to return to a bubble given the time they had already spent in quarantine for the pandemic.

“I think in a perfect world we wouldn’t, but we also love playing in Perth,” he said.

“Honestly, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about this. Looks like there is a lot of water to pass under this bridge. There are still four test games away.

“Everyone looks pretty confident it’s going to move forward, so hopefully it’s a quick and bouncy wicket and here we are.”

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