Scunthorpe care home where overworked staff left in tears rated ‘inadequate’

A care home in Scunthorpe has been placed in special measures after elderly residents were put at risk.

Cherry Tree House on Collum Avenue has been ordered to make urgent improvements after inspectors found overworked staff struggling to keep residents safe.

An employee said the staff were so overwhelmed that she left work in tears.

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A report from the Care Quality Commission found the nursing home to be inadequate.

He also revealed that staff did not always follow Covid safety guidelines, including wearing face masks and performing lateral flow tests, he said.

The inspection was triggered by concerns about staffing levels, lack of care and not wearing proper PPE.

Cherry Tree House is now in special measures

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Cherry Tree House, which cares for people over the age of 65, had 25 residents at the time of the inspection.

Scunthorpe nursing home had previously had issues with infection control, staffing and quality management, and inspectors said these had not been improved.

Staff members told inspectors that they could not keep up with the number of residents and their needs and that they were regularly working their shifts without interruption.

One said: “I left home in tears after my shift recently; some of the new residents are in dire need of support and we don’t have time to do it all.”

Another told them: “It has been overwhelming. “

Health professionals had informed inspectors that staff did not always wear face masks when necessary.

It was also found that residents who were released from the hospital were not required to self-isolate, contrary to government advice, and staff did not always perform bi-weekly tests for the coronavirus.

Residents did not always receive their medications – including those for managing Parkinson’s disease and pain relief – and proper records were not kept.

Although no residents were injured, a number of other safety issues around the house were discovered. The director promised that a full review would be conducted on these.

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Despite the problems, families said they trusted the staff, saying they “treated residents like family; very friendly and kind ”.

Another added: “They are adorable, you just have to run.”

Cherry Tree House will be inspected again within six months to verify major improvements.

Owner ADL Ltd has been contacted regarding the report.

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