Review: Tim Peake: My Journey into Space

TIM Peake is a normal man with an abnormal life.

From humble beginnings in Westbourne, near Chichester, Tim knew he wanted to be in the air, whether it was as a member of the military, a test pilot or an astronaut.

A sold-out crowd of all ages – including many kids wearing NASA t-shirts – set off on a chronological journey through his youth, his training and his 185 days, 22 hours, and 11 minutes in the ‘space.

From running a marathon to a near-death experience, Tim has spoken passionately about all aspects of his time on the International Space Station.

Stepping onto the stage to the deafening sound of a rocket lift off, many quickly used up the free earplugs.

“I am often asked ‘How did a little redhead from West Sussex end up in space?'” He said.

Speaking about the application process, Tim revealed that he has beaten more than 8,000 applicants for one of six spots in the European Space Agency’s astronaut training program.

While the selection process included academic tests, fitness assessments, and interviews, it encouraged aspiring astronauts in the audience to pursue their dreams, regardless of their background – even admitting to having earned a D in math level. TO.

Tim, a natural speaker, also revealed the three songs he was allowed to play at the 2015 launch – Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, U2’s Beautiful Day, and Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars.

The Brighton Dome also added the occasion before and after the show by playing exclusively space related music – a nice touch.

Discussing his spacewalk, during which he became the first British astronaut to exit the space station, he explained how a colleague nearly drowned inside his spacesuit after a water cooling system has seeped into the ventilation system.

The dramatic story was followed by incredible behind-the-scenes footage of the crew enjoying their luxury food items – which Tim for Tim was a bacon sandwich – and their London Marathon exploits.

Prince’s Trust Ambassador Tim ran the marathon from space to raise awareness of the association and finished it in three hours and 35 minutes.

To combat weightlessness, he wore a harness that tied him to the treadmill as he ran, while watching a video of the course.

Astrology fan or not, it was impossible not to be captivated by Tim from takeoff to landing.

Tim Peake: My trip to space was literally out of this world.

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