Parking chaos as drivers throw cars on Davey Drive, Hollingdean

Homeowners have been outraged by claims that people without parking permits are throwing cars in their path.

It comes amid an increase in the number of drivers leaving vehicles on both sides on Davey Drive in Hollingdean in recent weeks.

Residents of the Davey Drive and Horton Road area have complained about broken mirrors, limited visibility for children walking to school and the lack of parking near their homes.

There were also problems with buses on line 50.

Horton Road and Hollingdean Road are on an app that tells people where they can park for free in Brighton.

Neighbors have now taken to social media to demand double yellow lines or parking restrictions.

Union adviser Theresa Fowler says the additional cars could be the result of relocating a new controlled parking area on Surrenden Road.

She said, “The parking lot has only gotten worse lately. There are several reasons why this has deteriorated recently and this is because Hollingdean is advertised as free parking.

“So it could be that people who parked in Surrenden and Coombe Road are now using Hollingdean.

“In addition, students have recently returned to Brighton, although student accommodation on Hollingdean Road is supposed to be car-free. I’m sure the students realized they can park in Davey Drive.

“There are also reports that someone parks a work van overnight and on weekends and then gets into a car.

“So it may also be related to the increase in the number of more and more cars or vans and so, rather than paying for two permits, they are using Hollingdean to park for free.

“I think things are getting dangerous all over Hollingdean as cars are now parking dangerously around every corner in Hollingbury Rise as well.”

The Argus: residents of Davey Drive are outraged by people who throw their carsDavey Drive residents outraged by people throwing their cars away

Cllr Fowler, who represents Hollingdean and Stanmer Ward, said her family had experienced the issue firsthand.

Her husband was on a bus that couldn’t go up Davey Drive because parked cars were blocking the way.

She took up the issue with Brighton and Hove City Council’s motorway and parking teams, pushing for action ahead of a consultation on the parking system scheduled for February.

However, council officials told him that they could not take action against people parked on the shoulders.

And any future double yellow line would have to go through a three-week consultation process, but officials appeared to be waiting for the consultation on the controlled parking zone in February.

People living in the area seem to prefer a “light touch” diet, with restrictions in place for an hour twice a day, to prevent people from leaving their vehicles for days or even weeks.

One of those directly affected is Davey Drive resident Sam Burgess, who said she was struggling to park her van near her home now that more cars were in the area.

She said: “I have a van that I can never find a place for. Saw loads of buses getting stuck at the bottom, even with bus drivers having to get off and direct other vehicles to get away.

“Surely, while waiting for the February consultation, the council can paint yellow doubles on that side?” They did it at the corner of Horton Road (and) Davey Drive to prevent people from parking there.

Horton Road and Hollingdean Road are listed on the Road Trip Heroes website and app, alerting drivers to free parking in Brighton and Hove.

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