Paranormal expert to tell story of creepy Sauchie poltergeist who left family terrified

A chilling haunt of Hillfoots is due to be the subject of a guest talk presented by one of Scotland’s top paranormal researchers.

Malcolm Robinson will give the talk in Sauchie this weekend on the famous haunt of the village.

“The Sauchie Poltergeist” is widely regarded as Scotland’s most famous poltergeist case.

The term “poltergeist” comes from the German words for “noisy ghost”.

The frightening events began in November 1960 and centered around 11-year-old Virginia Campbell.

Malcolm began investigating the case in 1987 and says he managed to speak with some of Virginia’s classmates who claimed to have witnessed bizarre paranormal events.

He then attempted to interview Virginia Campbell’s aunt, who refused to speak to him. For a while, he then gave up on his plan to continue looking for other people involved. However, his desire to know more resurfaced in 1994 and he again pursued potential witnesses to the events.

According to the expert, Virginia arrived in Scotland with her family from Donegal, Ireland. His mother came to Sauchie to live with his married older brother and his wife in a house in Park Crescent.

According to the story, the first few weeks passed without incident, but soon the peace was broken by numerous scratching noises coming from various parts of the house which no one could explain.

As the weeks went on, the weird noises increased.

To make this worse, the family then noticed that various household items would disappear only to return at a later date and the ornaments would move on their own.

Virginia Campbell and her family were tormented by bizarre events at a property in Park Crescent, Sauchie

However, the most disturbing and terrifying event in those first few weeks was when the furniture in the residence started to move around the living room and the doors to the house opened and closed on their own. .

A large, heavy linen chest was seen to rise several inches from the ground and its lid opened, stayed that way for a short time, then slammed violently.

It became evident that when all of these things happened, Virginia was in the house, but when she was out it was calm and peaceful.

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The family sought help from their local GP, Dr HW Nesbit, who lived in Tillicoultry. However, the doctor could only help them by prescribing medication to calm their nerves.

They came to the conclusion that the house was haunted and on that basis turned to a local vicar named Rev. TW Lund.

Mr. Lund visited the family home but could offer little support other than offering them prayers.

In a bizarre twist of the matter, the poltergeist effects weren’t confined to the family home; incredibly, they traveled with Virginia to her local school.

The unexplained events even followed Virginia Campbell to her school

In a Supernatural Magazine article last year, Malcolm said, “For any poltergeist event this is very rare, it can happen occasionally, but overall most, if not all, the poltergeist effects will be limited to only one place, and it is generally the house or residence of the victim ‘.

According to witnesses, one day at school, Virginia’s teacher looked up from her own desk and saw Virginia struggling with the cover of her desk. Virginia had both elbows trying to pry open the cover of her desk that seemed to have a mind of its own.

Later, Virginia was moved to another house in Dollar in a desperate attempt to alleviate matters. The phenomena followed her and she returned to Sauchie’s house. The family reportedly left the area after that.

Malcolm’s lecture will present all the facts and for the first time in 61 years the audience will hear the sounds of the poltergeist, recorded by the local doctor at the time.

The presentation will take place at Sauchie Hall, Mar Place, at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 20. Admission is £ 5.

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