Ms Hinch fans share their top tips on how to dry clothes in winter without a tumble dryer

Drying clothes in cold weather, the winter months can be pretty tough, especially without a dryer.

However, the household queen Ms. Hinch’s “life-changing” hack is said to dry clothes “so fast”, even when temperatures drop.

Cleaning enthusiasts shared the tips on social media groups after being inspired by Ms Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – and her life-saving tips.

Facebook groups have been created by cleaning enthusiasts to share hacks and help each other – reports The Express.

On one of these social media groups, a user by the name of Lucie Stepney asked, “How do people wash without a dryer in the winter ?!

“We have so much laundry to wash, but drying it is such a problem! “

Lucie’s post was inundated with responses, but the most common suggestion was to use a dehumidifier.

Amanda Hayes-Egerton replied, “I use a normal dryer with a dehumidifier, it dries faster than my dryer.

Claudia Marcarella said: “I just bought a dehumidifier and it’s great, money well spent.”

Claire Griss commented: “Dehumidifier. We’re getting bad condensation so get one anyway.

“I hang it in the laundry room, close the door, and a load is dry in four hours.

“I have a dryer, but the dehumidifier is much cheaper. “

Judith Porteous said: “The dehumidifier – couldn’t do without it. “

Michelle Jenkins wrote: “I bought a dehumidifier a few weeks ago. Someone recommends me on one of the groups here.

“From Screwfix for £ 128.99 – amazing for drying clothes.

“I always struggled because there was no room for a dryer, put the clothes on the aerator switch on the dehumidifier – amazing.”

Elle Gee said, “Dehumidifier. Type of plug-in.

“Expensive but upsetting for the washing, mold, condensation and heating bills. “

Louise March agreed with other cleaning enthusiasts. She said, “Dehumidifier in the room where you dry things – on a rack.

“Been doing this for years, it’s amazing – clothes dry so fast!”

Denise Dee Rigby said, “A dehumidifier is the best. Prevents your home from getting wet too.

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