I am a bikini epilator and once found something ALIVE there when I was treating a client

WHILE WORKING as a beautician, you will inevitably find yourself in a few sticky situations.

However, an esthetician was horrified after discovering something particularly horrible during bikini waxing.

Bikini waxer shared the horrible thing she found in a woman's pants


Bikini waxer shared the horrible thing she found in a woman’s pantsCredit: Getty

Australian radio station KIIS FM recently asked listeners to call in with their ‘most outrageous thing you’ve seen at work’ – and it’s safe to say the woman has given birth.

“I’m a beautician and to be honest the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen is a dead moth wrapped in someone’s private space,” the woman named Paige told hosts Will and Woody.

“We’ve just come across these things when you have to do intimate waxing with people.

“I would say it was probably because she hadn’t had it for a long time. Much more than a month or so.

The boys, who couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing, started screaming hysterically while repeatedly saying “Oh my God”.

Images of their reaction were also shared on their TikTok, with the woman’s story leaving listeners and social media users in horror.

“Don’t people wash downstairs before these dates?” Asked a TikTok user.

“It’s wild but funny,” said another.

“Beauticians have the best waxing stories. I am one so I should know that, “a third person joked, while a fourth added:” Excuse me, but how could you NOT know THAT THIS IS HERE !!! “

A woman said she nearly crashed her car when she heard the story.

“It takes mothballs to a whole new level. “

“Except that the moth flew from his underwear. I really don’t know how or why, ”she wrote.

This article originally appeared on News.com.au and has been republished here with permission.

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