Dad claims 11-year-old son was ‘offered medicine’ during £ 6,000 ‘hell vacation’ TUI

A father claimed his young son was offered drugs for £ 6,000 “from hell vacation”.

David Wright, from Staffordshire, had flown with his family on October 31 for a seven-night trip to Jamaica.

However, what was supposed to be a dream vacation quickly turned into a nightmare, with long “breakfast queues” and a lingering “grassy smell” everywhere they went, according to the Mirror.

Many of his claims have since been disputed by the resort.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” David said.

“Everywhere you went you could smell the burnt grass – around the hotel, around the pool, so it was quite shocking.”

The 44-year-old claims his 11-year-old son Tom was approached by a man at the nearby beach who attempted to offer him an illegal substance he believes to be cocaine.

He said: “He ran to me and said ‘this guy came up to me on the beach and offered me drugs.’

“He was making a sniffling gesture with his nose,” explained David.

“I asked her to point it out – these guys were pretty intimidating – and I went to security who was just sitting around the pool on their phones. They didn’t do anything.

“They had watched it all happen. It was really, really bad.”

The family were upset that they had to queue for breakfast for at least 30 minutes each morning and were stunned when their room key stopped working the day before their flight, leaving them locked up for several hours.

After finally being let in by a staff member with a master key, the next morning they found themselves trapped inside until 12:30 p.m.

“My family was crying,” David continued, referring to the time they were locked out.

“I was complaining so much at the end that they threatened to call security on me. It was really traumatic – terrible.”

He added that the elevators smelled of “urine and grass” throughout the stay.

“It was a nightmare. It was supposed to be our dream vacation,” he said.

The family originally booked the trip for last year, but the pandemic has had to be pushed back.

Worse yet, David’s partner suddenly lost his sight in one eye after returning home, although there is no evidence that it was caused by the holidays.

David criticized Tui – with whom they booked the vacation – for their scorching experience.

“I think it’s so bad that they [Tui] did, ”he said. “There are people who save for years to spend these vacations. “

The company apologized to the family but offered no compensation, David said.

A spokesperson for Tui said he is currently investigating his concerns about the hotel and will contact him directly.

A spokesperson for the hotel said the team were “really disheartened” by David’s experience, but said the issues were not mentioned to staff while on vacation when they could have done. subject to a “full investigation”.

She said the hotel staff “deeply regret any misconduct that may have occurred” but that the safety and satisfaction of guests is of paramount importance.

She added that the hotel has a “zero tolerance” attitude towards the sale of illegal drugs and has security “in all areas to ensure that this is observed”.

Referring to David’s claims that his family had to queue for long periods of time for breakfast, the spokesperson is unlikely as there was no “heavy occupancy” of guests at the era.

She said if a guest has any issues with their room key, it will be “fixed instantly by our dynamic front desk and / or our security team, when reported.”

She also added that due to the design of the bedroom doors, it is unlikely that a guest will be trapped inside unless they have been double locked.

Finally, she said the hotel was “thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily” with regular audit checks.

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